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Innovating Success

A small business owner needs to be creative, resourceful, and innovative. How do you posture your business to become a leader in your industry? Through the use of technology, integrated systems, an aggressive business development campaign, a refined supply chain, and a strategic business plan, Sam Burlum will assist you to innovate your business’s success.


Inspiring entrepreneurs

Sam Burlum helps small business owners revive their entrepreneurial spirit, by providing a pedigree example of why it can be done; why something is not impossible. Entrepreneurs need someone in their corner as an advisor, cheerleader, and as a sound board. That is where Sam comes in. He helps you stay on target of your vision, no matter the challenge. Entrepreneurs, you need not be alone.



Sam Burlum teaches small business owners how to become a true value creator, by honoring their truth and honesty; building a system of transparency which allows for their management and staff to operate from a place of good character. Having integrity within your business model will speak volumes on its own allowing your business to attract the right clients, staff, project partners, and investors to your front door.



Sam Burlum will assist you in creating the story in which you want others to remember you and your business by. What will be the lessons learned that you leave behind for future generations to learn from? How will your business have a positive effect within the community it calls home? What will be acts of good will that your business gives back to others? What will be your legacy?



Knowledge is a combination of experience, education, wisdom, and lessons learned that will allow you to achieve success. Not any one person has all of the answers. That is why Sam Burlum leverages his relationships to assist you in surrounding your business with the right people who have the answers you need in areas of your business that you desire to enhance.



Owning a small business is about much more than financial freedom. It is about having the freedom to create, to design, to follow your passion and offering that passion as a valuable commodity. It is not the freedom in which you have today that counts, it is the freedom you are creating for you and your family to have in the future; freedom of wealth, freedom of more time to do the things you enjoy.



Every entrepreneur needs to have a clearly defined vision of what success means for their business. With the end in mind, one can now build the road map that will allow you take the necessary steps in fulfilling your business goals; making your vision into a reality. Having a clear vision will allow you to maintain your focus throughout all of phases of your business’s growth, even during challenging times.


You must decide what path your business is going to take; will it be the direction everyone else follows, or will it be the road less traveled? Your business strategy is the tool that will allow you to realize your vision. It’s your business, and your journey is of your design. Being an entrepreneur is hard enough, but with the right roadmap, finding your way through the challenges of operating a business becomes a controlled risk.



Being an entrepreneur does come with its challenges. Most entrepreneurs quit when they are almost to the finish line. As a small business owner, you must dig deep into the bottom of your heart and soul to muster up the courage to continue fighting for your vision. You deserve someone in your corner, a coach and cheerleader who will be there for you during your difficult times. Sam's motto, “Never quit!”


Services Offered

Strategic Business Planning

It’s one thing for a small business to have a business plan or marketing plan, but as we all know, life can throw you a curve ball now and then, and well, taking us off course.

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Business Development

No one likes being “sold” to, but consumers enjoy being empowered to make a purchasing decision. The difference between “sales” and business development is the…

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Supply Chain Management

If you have a product based business, where do you being to source your inventory? If you provide your own unique product or service, and want to have a competitive…

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System Integration

There are two things that make a business run efficiently, people and systems. A business can have the most talented people on its team, but without systems, a team…

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Sam Burlum is a recognized public speaker in the areas of   entrepreneurship, small business advocacy, green technology, and other matters which affect small business. Check out this page to find out where you can meet Sam Burlum at his next speaking engagement.

Our Skills

Sam Burlum has extensive knowledge in the areas of business strategy, operations, product development, business development and sales, marketing, and is well connected with other professionals who are eager to help you transform your business into a success.

Our Vision

We believe that Main Street matters. We believe in the “American Dream,” and your business deserves a fighting chance to be successful. Some of the best innovations that serve our society began in a garage or basement, and we are here to help you commercialize your idea and vision.

See what they are saying

A great example of a Lombardi Champion,”

Robert Schmidt
Chairman and Founder, Vincent T. Lombardi Foundation

Your resume is very impressive. It’s apparent you are a man of many interest and have a keen sense of the direction our country should be moving in,”

Lee Iacocca
former Chairman and CEO, Chrysler Corporation

It will be very difficult to fill your seat as you were an asset unlike anyone else who served,”

Sandy Mitchell
Chair and Founder, Spirit of the Arts Foundation

Your global exposure and position as President of Extreme Energy Solutions will serve as a great frame of reference as you share your vision and path to success,”

Dr. Lovely A. Thornton
Adjunct Professor, Towson University

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board respectfully request all of our Law and Civic Authorities, Community Leaders and Citizens of our State, that Ye faithfully rely on Samuel Burlum in all instances where his Professional Services most assuredly meets the needs of the Community,”

Lieutenant Joseph Sferruzza
President, Passaic Valley Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #181

As a successful entrepreneur himself, Sam always has excellent information and ideas to contribute. He always has resources to suggest-business colleagues, print materials, inspirational and or reference books. Sam often offers one-on-one mentorship time to some of our members who are struggling to start-up their business. ISBOG members and I greatly value the business expertise and experience Sam brings to the table,”

Amy C. Steele
President, ISBOG of North Jersey

I am excited about your product(s) and the rewards it will bring to our state. You are paving a way to create a greener environment along with supply our state with needed jobs. I commend you for your efforts and offer my endorsement of your initiatives here in New York State,”

Assemblyman Clifford Crouch
Member of the Assembly, 107th District, New York

We can’t thank you enough for the information and we look forward to what the future may bring between Extreme Energy Solutions and the Clarkson University Winter Knights. We have set a new standard in the Clean Snowmobile Challenge and we will continue to defy conventional methods to display our passion for cleaner, quieter, and more efficient snowmobiles,”

Ben Edwards
Mechanical Engineering Student Class of 2013, and SAE Clean Snowmobile Team President, Clarkson University

Thank you for sharing your vision and addressing sustainability practices at our 2012 Summit. Your presentation was not only extremely valued, but you also aided in highlighting the theme for the Summit regarding building green supply chains. You and your team are making an impact in the sustainability arena, and we were most honored to have you.”

Kevin V.G. Wells, Esq.
General Counsel and Director of MBE Services, The New Jersey-New York Minority Development Council

I have told you repeatedly, that I know you are the right man for the job (referencing Sam Burlum as CEO of Extreme Energy Solutions), and I have always meant it. I firmly believe in you and what you have done and what you are continuing to do for the Company. In fact, you amaze me with both your knowledge of the ramifications of being a successful CEO, and your forthrightness in representing all of us in the manner that you do,”

Rev. Donald Jiskoot
Retired Chaplin and Accredited Investor

Samuel is an incredible human being. He understands how important it is to uplift the human family and has done so with the founding of Extreme Energy Solutions. He and his company are doing remarkable things to be of benefit to society,”

Al Cole
Author, Radio Show Host, and head of People of Distinction Humanitarian Foundation

We need more Samuel Burlums in the world. He is a wonderful young man who leads a company that is providing technology that helps address important societal concerns. He cares about his community, country, and fellow man. His story is inspiring and is one that needs to be told,”

Vera Matty
Artist and Writer, Board Member, United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Samuel is an innovative and creative guy. He looks for solutions to problems where everyone feels they won at the end of the day. He is one of the few CEOs that understand the importance of Main Street. He has an understanding of the global village and extended his company’s reach to the Middle East and China, where they are still coming to terms with tackling environmental issues,”

Beverly White
President, BKW Transformations Group, Inc.

Sam, You are an incredibly gifted and talented man. There are few people in the world who understand the basis from which you build technologies. Thanks for staying the course, for building on your legacy and your tenacious leadership. America would be a far greater place if there were many more Sam Burlums’ in our midst,”

Rick Brancadora
Investigative News Broadcaster, WIBG 1020 AM Radio

Perceiving from a distance, I have become so impressed with the abilities of Samuel Burlum to lead this company (Extreme Energy Solutions). His history of success in his previous business ventures, character and work ethic, depth of vision, belief in the importance of value creation, and doing the right things long enough consistently, created a solid foundation to support the future success of Extreme,”

Richard A. Delmastro
Financial Executive and Accredited Investor

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